Terms and Conditions of Sale
1. Our quotation is valid for 3 months from the date that it is issued.
2. Terms of payment are as follows:
a. One Third (1/3) of the total purchase price is required upon placing the order.
b. The remaining two thirds (2/3); the balance of the total order value, is due upon delivery and
arrival on site of the delivery/installation team. Failure to make payment at this time may result in
a 10% late payment fee being added to the balance or the delivery/installation team disbanding from
site with the materials. We do not accept cheque on delivery.
3. Any clerical errors, whether verbal or written, are subject to alternation.
4. We may, for the sake of improvement, require to make changes to our products. We reserve the right to do
this without notice.
5. All our quotations are based upon easy access to the erection site. Should this not be possible upon arrival
then we would expect assistance with the unloading and transportation to the site.
6. All civil works, ground works and brickwork are the responsibility of the customer. Field Shelters assembled
directly onto a level earth site should be steaked down by the customer. Additional site fixings may be
necessary on exposed sites this along with the required precautions of securing the field shelter in windy
conditions is the responsibility of the client and Prestige Timber Stables Ltd will not be held liable for any
incurred damage should the customer not take note and responsibility, following the erection of the structure.
Customers are reminded that field shelters should not face South/West into prevailing winds without the
customer being responsible for the security of the shelter.
7. Our delivery date is given to you as accurately as possible. Should delay occur due to a breakdown, strikes
or weather conditions then we reserve the right to extend our delivery dates and times.
8. Any transit damage must be reported within 3 days of completion/delivery.
9. All timber is inspected at the time of manufacture. We cannot accept responsibility for timber shrinkage,
expansion, cracking, warping or the like. All customers should be aware that it is their responsibility to
maintain their unit. All timber units should be treated at least once every year. Further treatment may be
required where the structure is situated in an exposed area. With extreme wet or dry weather conditions there
may be some timber movement; it is not the responsibility of Prestige Timber Stables Ltd to return to site and
adjust such movement.
10. Title in our products will not pass to the purchaser until full payment has been made to the total purchase
value. The purchaser will grant us the unrestricted right to enter onto his/her land for the purpose of removing
the said products, should payment not be made. This permission cannot be revoked by the purchaser.
11. Our erection service is based upon our rigid lorry being able to arrive to your location on a reasonable surface.
Additional charges may be made if this is not possible – see note 5.