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When purchasing stables you are making a considerable purchase and need to consider all your options appropriately ensuring you make the right decision for this often once in a lifetime purchase.

Here at Prestige Timber Stables we work with you to carefully understand your requirements and specification and come up with a design that is perfectly suited to your needs.  We will take time to understand your location helping you understand concerns such as prevailing winds and protecting your horses for the elements. We will also work with you on considering electricity and water input which needs to be a key element affected by the location of where your stable block will sit.

When purchasing stable blocks there are other key factors you need to consider and we have taken the liberty of listing a few below:


What are your needs and preference as this is key point to give consideration too when deciding the layout of your stable blocks.  What additional items may you require? Will you need a wash room? Tack room?

The Base 

Mobile stables can go directly onto a grassed ground as well as a hard base.  However, if you are considering a static stable box then a concrete base will be necessary.  With this you will need to consider drainage.

Specification and design

Design and specifications will differ company to company and its very important that when purchasing you ensure that you are indeed purchasing the right stable bock.  Prestige Timber Stables will carefully advise you on everything from roofing to the finish of the timber and everything in between. We will intently listen to what you require and what your budget will allow and always advise on the best solutions for you.  

All our craftsman and consultants are highly experience in the manufacture and the processes including design and planning elements associated with new builds and can advise your available options and produce associated drawings so that you are able to initiate a clear picture of what you will be receiving.

If you are considering a new environment for your horses, Prestige Timber Stables LTD may just be the solution to your requirements.  Why not get in touch with one of our consultants today where they can offer you further information including planning permission, design and build and build times.  Call us now on 0191 584 90 73 or email prestigetimberstables@outlook.com

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