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Here at Prestige Timber Stables Ltd we are horse owners and the winter months are always challenging. Check out  our horse care tips that will hopefully make your and your horses’ life a lot easier this winter! 

Provide adequate calories
“Horses can successfully regulate their internal body temperature in conditions between 0°C to 25°C, however, in order to do this, they exert a lot of extra energy. As your horse works to keep itself warm it will run around and shiver stimulating muscle movement that generates heat. Providing additional forage can play a big part in allowing our four-legged friends to do this successfully and therefore keep warmer in the colder months”. 

Provide adequate shelter
Opting to stable a horse can put us as owners one step ahead of the none predictable weather we experience in the UK. For horses that are, metabolically healthy, receive enough calories, develop of a good winter coat and have access to natural sheltering such as trees a mobile field shelter may be comfortable enough home in these colder months. If you do decide stabling is for you, the ideal temperature in them is not too far from that outside. Keep it fresh, properly ventilated with adequate drainage, clean and as dust-free as possible to ensure a healthy environment. 

Water, not ice!
Drinking on average 30 litres a day, and potentially even more in the winter due to increased dry forage consumption, providing your horse with adequate water is a main priority. The best solution for winter is an automatic waterer with a heating element, or through an immersed or floating heater. Not only does this stop the water freezing but its slight warmness will make it more appealing to your horse. 

Good horse care means providing the best possible environment, that is as safe and natural as possible for your horse. That includes providing companionship, understanding the needs of horses, and keeping their surroundings clean and well maintained.  

If you are considering upgrading your current stables or indeed a new environment for your horses, Prestige Timber Stables LTD may just be the solution to your requirements.  Why not get in touch with one of our consultants today where they can offer you further information including planning permission, design and build and build times. Call us now on 0191 584 90 73 or email prestigetimberstables@outlook.com

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